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Central Region

Central Region

The Central Region is edged by two deserts, the Namib desert to the West and the Kalahari to the East. Traveling north one perceives that the region is rich in mineral wealth and animal life, while southwards there is a vast plain of scrub and rock.
The central region is dominated by Namibia`s capital, Windhoek. Khomas Hockland and Omaheke Region is also within the Central Region.
Windhoek, Namibia ‘s capital city, has a population of about 280 000 inhabitants. The Eros and Auas Mountains as well as the Khomas Highlands surround the city. Windhoek is the seat of the legislative, executive and judicial arms of Government. It is also a real oasis in this arid country with its beautiful parks and gardens, fountains, green lawns, flowers and statues.
Windhoek – The ChristuskircheA famous landmark in the city, the beautiful Christuskirche, is a strong reminder of the country’s colonial past. The church has been declared a historical monument and symbol of peace. Nearby, another monument, the Alte Feste, can also be seen. This old German fort is the oldest surviving building in Windhoek and currently serves as a history museum. Previous governments have for decades used the `Tintenpalast`, meaning `Ink Palace`, as their official seat of power and even now it still accommodates the government if the day. It is also well known for its beautiful gardens where one can go for a stroll.

Central Region

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